The Wild Calling

A Sacred Initiation into the Divine Feminine

What if life flowed through you,
instead of happening to you?
What if there was a place you
could always call home?
What if you embraced
the richness of each wave,
rather than fighting your very human experience?
What if you were permeated with
a deep sense of knowing yourself
and trusting life around you?

What would it be like to know your own divinity, the voice of your soul, your life's purpose? 

This is what The Wild Calling cultivates. 

The Wild Calling is a journey of the soul.
It is a spiraling path to walk yourself home to your core.
To answer The Wild Calling is to say yes to your heart,
your soul’s purpose,
the earth’s ecstatic dance,
to communion with Spirit in all of its forms,
to become embodied wisdom.
The Wild Calling is a 9 month online mystery school that combines somatic life coaching, tantric meditation, shamanic journeying, plant spirit medicine, and nature based ritual & ceremony work to bring you into a more intimate relationship with yourself and what is most sacred in your life.

Throughout the course you will walk through 4 core experiences:
Learning the voice of your soul & its desires
Embodying your divinity, the essence of who you are
Peeling back fear with compassion

Stepping fully into your unique life’s purpose. 

Alongside these core experiences you will also learn how to:
Learn how to gather in a moon circle
Tap into your intuition & body wisdom
Birth a new project, self, or (sense) of being into the world
Intimately know the cycles of the moon & earth
Build sacred, seasonal altars in your home & on the land
Work with plant, stone, and animal spirit medicine
Explore the blood mysteries and womb clearing
Create your own personal rituals and ceremonies
Learn how to lead from authentic feminine power
Discover the power of sacred feminine community
Deepen your understanding our your whole self
The journey is a sacred initiation into working with the Divine Feminine. It is an intensive immersion into leaning into the mystery and living the questions.

The Wild Calling course will connect you to a community of deep, connected, sisterhood through our monthly lunar calls and you will have deep, centered attention put on you and your journey during our monthly one-on-one coaching calls. As part of the Wild Calling journey  you will have access to my personal library of reference, resources, & writing, as well as, an abundant reading list. In addition, you will have lifetime access to all of our calls together and the private Facebook community.

The Wild Calling course is a culmination of 75+ hours of embodied coaching, spiritual leadership, and immersion work in sacred feminine rituals & ceremony. The richness of this experience goes far beyond the 9 months of this course. 

It is hard to put into words the somatic experience of communing, dancing, moving, speaking, answering the most intimate calling in this lifetime. It is difficult to speak the felt presence of the soul. These moments are best when felt. So I am offering to you an experience of your own soul, through The Wild Calling course, but first on a call with me.

If you are called to this circle you can book a complimentary 45 minute exploratory call where we will dive into tasting your heart, purpose, and soul, the core experience of The Wild Calling. You can book your call using the button below. 
You can connect with me anytime at with any questions or callings you have. 

The  Wild Calling Journey begins on February 21st, 2018 at 7pm (EST)

Registration for 2018 is currently open.